Our projects

Since our foundation we have been involved in several projects. On our website you can find a brief overview.

Amsterdam Bible Academy TEST

This is the only Bible School in Amsterdam that provides ministry and theological training for African church leaders in the Netherlands. ABA is one of the learning centers of the Global University in Springfield, Missouri USA. The diplomas and certificates offered are recognized in more than 178 countries.

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Since 1998 we provide several trainings and courses for immigrants to facilitate a better integration and enhance personal development.
See a brief overview below:

  • How does my child become succesful in the Dutch society? – Intercultural training for immigrant parents;
  • Intercultural training for immigrant parents
  • Intercultural trainings for school teachers;
  • Marriage seminars;
  • Workshops domestic violence and child abuse in immigrant churches;
  • Training for church leaders: recognize, prevent and take action against domestic violence and child abuse;
  • Fathers’ debate and Great Dad Seminars.

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African School Project – Integral School International

This vision is a response to the miserable situation in many African countries where, mainly because of corrupt leaders, the gap between poor and rich keeps increasing. The African leadership project is unique in comparison to other projects, because the emphasis lies on young adults and children from primary an secondary schools. It also establishes a network for young transformational leaders on which they can build and which can function as a source of inspiration and ecucation. The goal is the development of a new generation of leaders with a different mindset.

We are very open to partnerships with organisations that share our vision.

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