Since 1998 Life and Peace has offered several trainings and workshops to immigrants in the Netherlands on a yearly basis. See an overview below of the courses offered by Life and Peace.

I. 5 languages of love
This workshop will have large impact on the growth and develpment of your children. The workshop is based on the book written by Gary Chapman ‘5 languages of love’ and learns us how we can maintain better and more joyful relationships with our children. It is surprising to know that there are actually five languages of love through which we can communicate with our children. During the workshop we will experiment with these five languages and we will discover how we can communicate best with our own children, so they will truly feel loved. Do you speak the love language of your child? Come to the workshop to discover this together with us!

II. Motivating conversation techniques: communicating with your child and building a good relationship.
A good relationship with your child gives the best guarantee for a happy and successful child. Gordon’s principles combined with the motivating conversation techniques are being practiced during this workshop. Skills like active listening, giving feedback, giving confirmation, reflecting, asking open questions, and conflict handling are being practiced. It is also possible to ask questions and present real life cases.

III. Prevention of sexual abuse
As parents it is our task to protect our children to the best of our ability against one of the meanest attacks in these times, which is sexual abuse. One out of eight girls and on out of ten boys have to deal with this. The best prevention is a close bond with your children and open communication about all subjects that occur in a child’s life. How do you accomplish open communication and how do you approach (sexual) conversations that might even be taboo? Join us and think with us!

IV. Give your child self-confidence
Parents want their children to enter their future full of self-confidence. Children that can thrust God and their own abilities at a young age, have a better chance of succeeding and having a joyful life in their future. But how can I add to this as a parent? This workshop provides useful tips and advice.

V. How to make your child successful in this society?
Transcultural communication and education: which skills and attitudes does your child need to become successful at school and in the Dutch society, without losing the good values and skills from his cultural heritage? How to equip your child best in this school system? How can you be involved in the school system? Let’s give them the best from two cultures!

VI. Building the faith whithin the family
This workshop is based on Deutronomy 6 : 6 – 9 in which parents are commanded to “imprint God’s word into their children’s minds and to talk about it when you’re home, on the way, about to sleep, and when you wake up. However most parents are aware of this duty, they don’t always know how to communicate the Word in such a way that children can adapt it in their daily lives. This workshop focusses on the role of the parents in this task and also gives several practical and fun lessons to pass on to your children. We do it in such a way that children will really long to family time at which God’s word is taught. Not only the mind, but also the heart of the children will be involved so they will be equipped to live their daily life in a Biblical way. This workshop will also tighten the family bond.

VII. Renew your marriage
This workshop is recommended to all married couples, also the ones that are convinced they have a good marriage! In this workshop the work will be mostly done by the couples themselves. We will take a closer look at the communication, work on our style of conflictmanagement, and we will learn how to fulfill the dearest wishes of our parners.

VIII. Renew your thinking
2 Corinthians 5:17 says: “Whoever is in Christ, is a new creation”. Then why is it so easy for us to go back to our previous (bad) habits? This battle is actually fought in our minds. This workshop challenges us to be truly renewed by ‘renewal of our mind’. How Biblical are our thoughts actually? In this workshop we help each other to look differently at difficult or stressful situations and let the light of the Bible shine on them, so we can reprogram ourselves with God’s thoughts instead of our own.

IX. Living successfully
This workshop is an evaluation of your life. How successful are you in the following areas: soul, body, relationship with your partner, family, finances, future plans? After the workshop you will have made a detailed plan with realistic goals and action points to improve those points in your life on which you aren’t successful enough yet according to yourself.

X. How to handle domestic violence and the new law of ‘temporary home prohibition
This workshop gives insights in the severe consequences of domestic violence on the victim, perpetrators, and the community. We will focus on preventing it, giving help to victims and perpetrators, the circle of violence, and the opportunities of the new law of ‘temporary home prohibition’. What agencies play a role and what role do you play if you know your neighbor or a family member is being violated?

XI. The five features of a healthy family
– An attitude of servitude in the family;
– Intimacy between man and wife;
– Parents that train and instruct their children;
– Parents that are loving leaders;
– Children that obey their parents.

XII. How to find the love of your life!

XIII. Great Dad Seminar – only for men

XIV. Eight evenings for parents
Parenting support with the focus on (conversational) skills of parents with children and child upbringing skills without punishment through beating.
– Five ways of communicating and maintaining contact with your children
– How to prevent your child of becoming bitter
– Setting rules, communicating rules towards your children, and maintaining them.
– Positive conformation of good behavior and punishment without beating or physical punishment.
– Conflict handling within the family (Model of T. Gordon).
– Sexual education of children preventing and dealing with sexual abuse and domestic violence.

All workshops and trainings are conducted in both English and Dutch.