Our objectives

Onze doelstellingen zijn als volgt:

  • Guiding people on how to live a peaceful and stable life;
  • Equipping individuals, couples and groups so that they could have the skills to deal with their life challenges and also participate effectively in making their community a better place;
  • Organization of activities and projects for the promotion of social and economic situation of disadvantage groups and immigrants.;
  • Promotion of activities and projects leading to the integration of immigrants without losing the good aspects of their culture;
  • All other activities and projects relating to the above in the broad sense of personal and community development, on the basis of:
    • Faith in one God, creator of all things;
    • Het geloof in de goddelijke drie eenheid: de Vader, de Zoon en de Heilige Geest:
    • The belief in the Bible as the supreme authority thereof in al matters of faith and conduct;
    • The belief that the shed blood of Jesus and his resurrection are the basis for the justification and salvation of all those who believe;
    • The belief that every human being is unique and has potential to lead a balanced and productive life;
    • The belief that God is the ultimate source of peace and life;
    • Providing training on intercultural matters and in the area of conflict management, communication, leadership and integrity;
    • Organizing conferences, seminars, workshops, trainings, and counseling;
    • Training immigrants to function better in the Dutch society and be able to guide their children for success;
    • Radio and television broadcast of our programs and activities

We are open to cooperation with other organizations that share our beliefs.