When you share this vision with us, we would greatly appreciate it when you would help us realise our goals.

You can support us through several ways:

  • Through granting us a financial donation
  • Through giving us an interest-free loan
  • When you are experienced in the area of architecture or educational services, we can make use of your knowledge and skills
  • By connecting us to organizations or individuals with the same vision
  • With advice or suggestions

Donations and loans can be sent to:
St. Life and Peace International
Postbus 22550
1100 DB Amsterdam

You can also transfer a donation to our bank account:

Stichting Life and Peace International
NL16 INGB 0008076825
Description: Afrika School Project

Stichting Life and Peace International
NL45 INGB 0008285920
Description: Bijbel Trainng

All donations to Life and Peace are tax deductable!