Our Projects

Since the foundation of St. Life and Peace Int. in 1998 we realized the following processes. Below you will find a brief overview.


Amsterdam Bible Academy

This is the only Bible school in Amsterdam that provides ministry and theological training for African church leaders. It has a partnership with the European department, located in Belgium, of the Global University in Springfield Missouri, USA.


Training and education

Since 1998 we provide the following courses and training for New Dutch:

How does my child become successful in Dutch society – Intercultural training for immigrant parents;
Intercultural training for teachers;
Wedding seminars;
Workshops on domestic violence and child abuse in immigrant churches;
Training for church leaders: identification, prevention and action against domestic violence and child abuse;
Paternity Debates and Great Dad Seminars.

Integral School International Project: African leadership project

This project is under construction  and is a response to the miserable situation in many African countries where, mainly because of corrupt leaders, poverty is growing alarmingly with a widening gap between rich and poor. The African leadership project differs from previous projects in that the focus is on young adults and children from primary and secondary schools. She also creates a network for young transformational leaders where they can rely on each other and receive constant inspiration and further training. The ultimate goal is to develop a new generation of leaders with a different mindset.

We are open to collaboration with organizations with the same vision.