Welcome to Life and Peace International. We strive to contribute to making our communities a better place by stimulating the socio-economic development, both of individuals and that of the community.

What do we do?

1Currently, we are establishing our first school in Ilogbo, Nigeria where the fundation will be laid for raising a generation of transformational leaders.
2 Through our Amsterdam Bible Academy, immigrant church leaders are being trained to be transformational leaders.
3We organize several seminars about personal growth and development, marriage and parenting.
4We work together with organizations that share our vision, passion and values.

What makes us unique?

The following four values make us unique and are represented in all our activities:

2Focus on relation
4Development of local community

We believe that developing people with both moral values and knowledge is what can make our world a better place, in which people can provide for their own basic needs.

Directly to…

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Since our inception we have done several projects. On our website you can find a brief overview.

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Our board is very dedicated and serves the organisation with all their heart.[/su_column]

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[su_button url=”http://www.lifeinternational.nl/en/donaties/?home” center=”yes”¬†background=”#00a03e”¬†]How can I help?[/su_button]

There are many ways you can help us! You can make a donation, give us advice or partner with us in many different ways.

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