Schoolproject Afrika

What makes Integral School International different from other schools?

This school project is not only aimed at combating illiteracy and increasing knowledge; the ultimate goal is to select, develop and equip children and young adults into leaders who can transform their communities. The name Integral School International was chosen because we want to establish an educational system in which academic as well as moral skills are integrated. Most African leaders are morally corrupt, but by means of a new generation of leaders can fight corruption.

In addition to the usual courses, the following topics will be taught in theory and practice:

The concept of stewardship implies that the earth is given to us and that we must manage it properly. So we do not manage these in a way that is beneficial to ourselves alone, but in a way that is sustainable for everything in and on the earth. Within this topic we assume a number of points:

We recognize God as the owner of all earthly goods and believe that people’s identities are rooted in Christ
It is important to be accountable for your actions to the community
A transparent approach
We believe that every individual has personal obligations to the community
Management and leadership skills are crucial for good stewardship

Relationship orientation

This topic will be taught to teach the students that public and private life should not be viewed from a financial and economic perspective alone. Relationships influence the development and cohesion of the community, personal well-being and a healthy society. Mutual dependence will also be emphasized.

The emphasis is placed on transformational leadership. We do not promote the building of the local community, but do it together with the local population. We also want to promote the reflective capacity of the leaders, for example by giving each other account of both their personal and social actions. This focuses on the local context.

Local Community Development

Develop skills and create work for the development of the local community

The above four topics will be taught in primary and secondary school and the platform of young local potential leaders, each at their own level.

See the construction of the school in the video clip below. Construction is scheduled to be completed in August 2015 and the first batch of students to begin in September 2015.