About us

Stichting Life and Peace International is founded in 1998 and is registered in the Netherlands at the KvK with number 33306801 as a non-profit organization for training and developing people.

Since our inception, we have realized several conferences, trainings and workshops to equip African immigrants with leaderships skills. An important challenge we discovered during the last years, is the cultural difference between African parents and their kids that were born in the Netherlands. The negative effect on the educational performances of these children is immense. In response to this, different workshops to help solve this problem have been organized with great success!

Another important project of Life and Peace is the Amstedam Bible Academy. This is the only Bible school in Amsterdam that provides training in ministry and theology for African church leaders in the Netherlands. ABA is one of the learning centers of the Global University in Springfield, Missouri USA.

In 2008 the passion was born in the heart of our director to extend our vision to Africa and the board approved this.

Our vision is to educate and develop transformational leaders that will transform their communities. This project is in response to the miserable situation in many African nations where the gap between the poor and the rich continues to increase. The African leaderships project is different from projects from other organizations because the focus is on educating and training young adults and school students with the goal of helping them develop a different leadership mindset.

In many African nations there is disorder as a result of bad management and corrupt leaders. The development of a new generation of leaders is crucial to the development of Africa. Our approach is as follows:

  • Establishing schools to nurture transformational leaders;
  • Mobilizing and developing young adults to be transformational leaders;
  • Mobilizing and empowering communities for their own growth and development.;
  • Working together with individuals and other organizations that share our vision, values and passion.