Bible training

Amsterdam Bible Academy is a school founded by Stichting Life and Peace International that exists for foreign believers who want to fulfill God’s purpose in their life. We offer them quality education in ministry, theology, and mission for church leadership and personal enrichment whithin the context of the local church and community.

Amsterdam Bible Academy offers possibilities for those that want to join a full-time Bible school but also have a job or financial difficulties.

Courses offered by ABA

  • Mission and evangelism
  • Founding of new churches
  • Sharing the good news
  • The Christian church in ministry

Practical skills for in ministry:

  • Preaching and teaching
  • Leading people and achieving goals
  • Helping Christians to grow
  • Solving life problems

Spiritual development

  • The responsibility of a Christian
  • Living abundantly
  • Christian maturity
  • Spiritual gifts
  • Prayer and worship

Biblical studies

  • Tents, temples, and palaces
  • Living in Christ
  • Insight in the Bible
  • Counselor, teacher, and guide
  • The kingdom, the power, and the corner stone of the truth

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