Africa school project

What makes Integral School International different from other educational projects?
This school project does not focus only on fighting illiteracy and enhancing knowledge, the ultimate goal is to select children and young adults, to train them and equip them to be leaders that can transform their community. We chose the name Integral School International because we will establish a educational system in which both academic and moral values will be integrated. Most African leaders are morally corupt, but through a new generation of leaders corruption can be fought.

In addition to the regular academic courses, the following courses will be taught in theory and in practice:

The earth is given to us and we have to maintain it to the best of our ability, this is the principle of good stewardship. We should maintain our world not in a way that is beneficial to only ourselves, but in a way that is sustainable for all that is on and within the earth. There is a set of fundamentals that we will use to educate good stewardship:

  • We acknowledge God as owner of all the earth’s property and believe that the human identity is rooted in Christ
  • It is important to give account of your acts towards the community
  • A transparant course of action
  • We believe that every individual has a personal obligation towards the community
  • Managment and leadership skills are crucial to good stewardship
  • Focus on relationship
    This subject shall be taught to teach students that not only financial standards should be used to look at public and private life. Relationships influence
    Dit onderwerp zal onderwezen worden om de studenten te leren dat het openbare en privéleven niet alleen door een financiële en economische bril moet worden bekeken. Relaties beïnvloeden de ontwikkeling en samenhang van de gemeenschap, het persoonlijk welzijn en een gezonde samenleving. Wederzijdse afhankelijkheid zal ook worden benadrukt.

    Elements of Transformational leadership will be taught, leadership is about sharing the common experience of the people.
    It involves constantly defining the reality of prevailing situation for self and for the community. Understanding the local context, the global pluralistic, urban economic and political landscape and it’s effect on the local situation, with the purpose of genuinely serving the community.

    Community development
    Skills to work with individuals in order to effect communities’ position within the context of large social institution will also be taught. Students will take part in practical community development projects.

    The subjects mentioned above will be taught in primary school as well as in secondary school, each on their own level.

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    See below the videoclip of the current stage of building. According to the planning, the building of the school will be finished in August 2015 and the first class can start in September 2016.

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